Pamela Bond


The Authenticity Compass


Beginning with self-assessment, The Authenticity Compass steps readers through proven methods that result in conscious choices to establish personal, organizational and global alignment and balance. Practical examples, illustrations, a myriad of exercises, and insightful journaling provide guidance to heighten self-awareness, develop essential skills, reduce stress, improve relationships, and ultimately increase one’s potential for happiness and wellbeing. Finding your Authenticity Compass creates a blueprint to promote sustainable cycles of success in your life, organizations, and world, and engages you in the conscious evolution of humanity.

The AC is designed to teach you how the fundamental mental functions of perception and judgment influence your behavior. It helps you understand how you gather information from the world (perception), how you interpret this information (judgment), and how perception and judgment determine your behavior and decisions. This is important because the choices you make in life are a combination of how you perceive information and how you organize and come to related conclusions. Such awareness is key to navigating your best life.

In addition, the AC helps you understand your strengths related to four activities critical to success: planning, execution, monitoring and inspiring action. While everyone is capable of performing these activities, it is likely that some come more naturally to you than others. Achieving and sustaining success in the key domains of your life is facilitated by maintaining awareness of these four life-defining activities.

In summary, your unique Authenticity Compass connects you to your true self. This connection promotes: • rewarding and harmonious relationships. • the achievement of personal goals • your improved participation and contribution to group efforts. • the identification of skills you need to develop to experience an aligned and balanced personal and professional life.


ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781982250942
ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781982250966
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781982250959